I am Candice aka minuit, a young french artist from Brittany.

After spending time at the Ecole du Louvre and a year to study History, followed by a degree in Graphic Design, and many initiatory trips, it is at the School of Fine Arts (EESAB) in Rennes I blossomed and graduated my Master Degree with honours.

” Inspired by the Northwind and the salty taste of the sea spray, she adapts medium as she navigates by sight. Drawing, ceramics, writing, watercolour, glass … become ways to cross the seas and meet people of the ocean. Then the quiet fishermen, the myriads of fish, the quivering algae, and the sailors ghosts tell her some stories that she transforms with a particular sensitivity.

She tries to deliver pieces of aquatic dreams, to let the visitor get lost in the contemplation of the effects created by a fragile nature. As Cousteau says: ”We love what has amazed us, and we protect what we love“. Then we have to be spellbound, and quickly, because already the wind is rising. Her thought process cares about the awareness of current environmental issues, the testimonies of men and the fragility of nature. ” – Le Grand Angle gallery

Fueled by an important document research work, increased by a field practice on lands and seas, and innumerable and extraordinary encounters, this research allows for unexpected connections between cultures, eras and beliefs to the point. To create a new universe, specific to my vision.

Fishnets become masks inspired by Inuit legends, the harpoons are now used to delimit a territory and memories are crystallized in the sea salt.

This is an invitation to be carried away by current in cold and fishy waters from Brittany to Iceland and beyond, where reality and dream merge in dance, at once celestial and underwater.